Barrie North Winter Tennis, a division of Tennis Clubs of Canada, is located in Midhurst, Ontario, and consists of 4 tennis courts under a heated, air-supported dome.  Our winter facility is accompanied by the clubhouse, which includes Men’s and Ladies’ change rooms with showers, a comfy lounge with satellite television, and the Pro Shop.

Barrie North Winter Tennis is affiliated with Tennis Clubs of Canada, which consists of Blackmore Tennis Club, Newmarket Winter Tennis Club, Marilyn Redvers Tennis Centre in Aurora, and Milton Winter Tennis Club.

Although the Club is primarily geared to the members, we offer tennis programs for local schools and introductory lessons for non-members, juniors, and adults alike.

BNWT operates using the Township of Springwater's tennis courts, located at 41A Spence Ave., in Midhurst, Ontario.  The bubble is erected in early October, and is taken down at the end of April each year.


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