Interested in Playing Singles ?


Try putting your name onto our singles ladder. Challenges may be made to any individual on the next rung higher than one’s current placing. Contact John Wellar to have your name put on to begin your climb to the top! Ladders are based on demand from current membership.




  • Competitors may challenge any player who is on the “Step” (level) directly above his/her own. Players on the 4th Step may also challenge the “Leader of the Ladder”.

  • The time and day for a match must be mutually agreeable with challengers being responsible for arranging the court booking.

  • We recommend that both players bring an unopened can of standard tennis balls to the match. Use one can for the match. The winner keeps the unopened can.

  • Ladder matches will typically be 8 game pro-sets (first to 8 games, winning by a margin of at least two games). If players are tied at 7 games each, a 7 point tie breaker (first to 7 points, winning by two) shall decide the match.

  • Note: players may choose to vary this format if they wish. (e.g., traditional 2 out of 3 set matches may be played if time allows).

  • If a challenge cannot be agreed upon with a particular player, try someone else. Players that repeatedly refuse to accept challenges will automatically fall to the bottom of the ladder due to inactivity. Ladders will be reviewed monthly for this purpose.

  • There are very few restrictions for ladder play. However, we recommend that participants not play the same opponent in back-to-back matches. It is considered contrary to the spirit of ladder participation to play exclusively with one or two other participants.


  • Coaches will place the players in age and skill appropriate ladders, either U14 or U18.  The cost to join the ladder is $10 and a prize will be awarded to the top player in each ladder at the end of the season, April.

  • Players can challenge a player who is up to two spots of ahead of them on the ladder.  In the U14 ladder the matches will be played using the ball and court of the higher ranked player.  All matches on the U18 ladder will use full court and regular balls. 

  • Players must accept all challenges and arrange a time to play within 14 days.  If a player is not accepting challenges they will be moved to the bottom of the ladder.  All challenges must be reported to Michele.  Once the date of the match is set, please inform Michele.

  • Matches are 8 game pro-sets with tie-breakers played at 7-7.  No-Ad scoring will be used.  Receiver chooses which side they’d like to receive from.  The winner must report the score to the front desk and to Michele.

  • If the challenger is the winner, he/she will take the loser’s position on the ladder.  The loser will drop down one position on the ladder forcing the remaining players on the ladder to drop down one position. 

  • If a player is inactive for 30 days they will be moved to the bottom of the ladder (Unless there are extenuating circumstances, in which case this needs to be discussed with Michele or Johnny.

  • How to reach Michele?  Text or phone at 705-791-6575 or send an email at  When leaving  a message ensure you identify who you are, who you have challenged, the date you set the challenge and the date you have planned to play the match.

  • Invitational Bookings are recommended for ladder challenges, a feature with BNWT’s online booking system that allows you to invite players to a match. See our YouTube video for booking details.